Getting songs ready for you.

Pulled away from everything for a little bit here on social media. Been doing a lot of writing and have some interesting bits coming together. A lot going on in my head right now. Trying to get it all down on paper and digits as quick as I can. Some days it’s like the faucet got turned full open, others it’s a little slower. Lately we are dealing with a pretty good flow of ideas and lyrics. I think you all will enjoy it when we get it out there.  

I will most likely be going into the studio next month to record. I am pretty excited about that. Creating anything is an amazing process I frustratingly enjoyed lol. I had said I will bring people along in the studio via social media, so I’ll make it happen so you can get an idea about how it’s all done. I am hoping I’ll get some music out to you all by this summer.  

The virus has put a plot twist in all our lives. It is an obstacle we will all over come in time. So, if we can’t come play for ya we will get some music to you however we can figure it. I hope by this winter or sooner we can get back at it for y’all.   

Stay safe and healthy my friends 





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