What Are People Saying About The Music?

"That JP tune is a breath of clean fresh country air! Musical respirator that will keep the format breathing" 

- Stan Soboleski, WFRY, Watertown, NY 


 “...I'm really enjoying this song and would love to promote it on my music blog, coyotemusic.com. Great production, the fiddle is spot-on, and John's got enough of his dad's vocal inflection to be noticeable...."Lone Stars" is a homerun, as well. "Lone stars and crowded bars, Sing another song..." It's an anthem of the nightlife that we're all longing to return to. “ 

-Wiley Koepp, coyotemusic.com 


"Riveting strings and escalating guitars ease into a country-forward vocal lead, with the "slow guitars," vocal hook at the 45-second mark being nicely accompanied by trickling guitar twangs. "Sing another song," lead-in alongside strings reminds fondly of Jeff Lynne. Guitar work around 02:10 leads effectively into a swaying, acoustical-forward vocal section, before coming into a satisfying conclusion. A catchy, well-produced track with a confident vocal lead, "Lone Stars" engages nicely. I look forward to its release." 

- Mike Mineo, Founder/Editor of Obscure Sound; Music PR


"Great rockin' country song! I could definitely hear this on the radio" 

- Vince Hans 


"Mix is great, really love all the instrumentation!! ... Production is amazing!! I really hope this track is being marketed on radio! " 

- Johnny Ramirez, Strategic Success Director, A&R Manager 


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