Facebook is not a fan of independent musicians

Well we are going on months now and technically many months now since Facebook decided to remove my Artist Page for what they referred to as spamming on the first page and on this last page I am not certain…

Thank You for Supporting my Music!

Thank you! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has made a purchase on the site. Thank you so much. You are the ones who are helping make the next album possible. You are giving me support, confidence…

The Album is out now! "We All Have A Story"

The new album is out now and is the easiest and quickest way to get all the songs in one shot. Pick up your digital copy now! You can grab it on my site in the shop!


If you are…

Honkey-Tonk Blackout making the rounds in Korea!



The music has been making the rounds internationally and as of late I have seen lot of love from Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Ireland, Norway and the UK! Thank you so much!



New Music Out Today!!!!

Honky-Tonk Blackout and Ol' St. Pete are both out today, check it out on any platform that you listen to or download them from my site, just click here!


Fastline Fast Track interview with Brent Adams

Big THANK YOU to my friend Brent Adams for his time on "Fastline Fast Track" last week! https://www.facebook.com/FastlineFastTrack/

If you have some time it was a pretty good interview!  https://youtu.be/rXp2VUplVEM 

Brent is a fan of traditional country music and protecting…

Interview with Skip and Deb


Had a great time last night with Skip and Deb talking about music, dad, life on the road and the military. Go check out the show on their YouTube or the Facebook Live.  You can get to either of them…

When Veterans Come Home the Battle Doesn't Always End

As a combat veteran I can understand how hard it is coming back home for some of us. I can understand how dark the night can get and how lonely it can sometimes feel. I can understand how it seems…