Facebook is not a fan of independent musicians

Well we are going on months now and technically many months now since Facebook decided to remove my Artist Page for what they referred to as spamming on the first page and on this last page I am not certain.  I did try to talk to Facebook support about this and they have been less than helpful. I was told they would get back to me within 48 hours to explain the issue (not exactly resolve it) but I haven't heard anything as of today. I tried again today to talk to support about the issue but got nowhere. 


This isn't just happening to me, this is happening to lots of other independent artists out there. Facebook doesn't seem to want to support us but they are more than happy with taking our money for advertising and boosting posts. How is any of this right?




I have been on the Facebook platform as a user for years and never had an issue. Only recently did I start using it as a business platform. I have paid relatively a large amount of money for an independent artist to advertise on the platform, I have placed my Facebook page address on promotional material and business material. This is what Facebook would like you to do so they can say they are being used and are relevant. Now all of a sudden they are hurting the very small businesses that have been in a partnership with them and given Facebook a lot of money. This doesn't seem right.


The support center really is just paid offsite contractor support it appears. They can't really do anything for you and are just reading a script for the most part. They might be able to do something for you if you are just learning how to use Facebook but if you have a major issue like this you are out of luck. This evidently is awaiting a review board that will make a decision, which you will have no part in and when they make their decision it is supposedly final. You can do nothing more than Appeal the first decision and after that its up to them to decide...decide on what I am not sure. This is a terrible way to run a business. Their should be collaboration, education and support to their customers (paying customers like us small business). 


Still Down

Facebook at the end of the day is a business and they can do as they wish but where it gets complicated is when we pay them money for a service which is linked to their original service. That is something that will be an issue later on if this isn't resolved soon. I have no delusions this is going to go well for me, I didn't do anything wrong ethically or outside their policies but I dont have much faith they will actually review the site or care to do the right thing. Much like the DMV, I am waiting in line only to be told they can't do anything for me as they eat their lunch on the other side of the desk spilling mustard on my forms telling me the computer system is down and its some how my fault for coming in at the end of the day. I hope this does get resolved and the page comes back up but Im not so sure, gotta go I think my number was just called for window number 9.

To my fellow artists who are going though this same exact thing....Good luck out there in Facebook land, we need to find another platform.


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